About us

Heavy Crushing Equipment (also known as SSCrusher) is a website containing heavy industrial machines and information about Songshan Machinery.
From 1987 Henan Songshan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (SSCrusher), a state-designated manufacturer by National Construction Department, that has over 30 years history in machine manufacturing. Specializing in manufacturing beneficiating, crushing and milling machines, such as Jaw Crushers, Impact Crushers etc. See products page for more information.

Company Qualification

Honor, is the life force that the enterprise is silent. Since the beginning every honor reflects the excelsior quality and practical attitude, people ever-present use "perseverance, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of blood horse. Songshan people insist: in the cultural construction of big enterprise and family.

Please note: None of the products on this website is for sale. Only for informational purpose.