Hammer Crusher

2017-09-15 15:21:04
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Product Introduction

Hammer Crusher(also called hammer breaker) is applied directly to the maximum size of 600-1800 mm crushing of the material to 25 or 25 mm below the crusher.Hammer type crusher is applied in cement, chemical, power, metallurgical and other industrial sectors crushing medium hard materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials in the broken and fine crushing. 


Working principle:

Hammer crusher is mainly depending on the impact to break material,crushing process is roughly like this, the material gets into the crusher,subjected to high-speed rotary hammer impact and crush,broken materials, from the hammer head office gain kinetic energy, from high speed to the frame body plate, screen, at the same time material crashing, been repeatedly broken, smaller than the gap between the screen strips of material,discharged from the gap in individual,larger material, in the sieve bar again by the hammer head impact, grinding, extrusion and broken, the material being the hammer from the gap in the extruder, thereby obtaining a desired particle size products.

Hammer Crusher Technical Parameter:

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